It’s All About The Data

Surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal, you’ll take giant leaps toward generating a customer that fits your lender's requirements. Our accurate and legally compliant data and mailers ensure that you're reaching the right customers, giving you the confidence to grow your dealership.

AccuTrigger™ Program

Would you like to know who shopped at your competitors yesterday?
Every day, subprime and near-prime customers are walking into the wrong dealerships. With our Prequalified Trigger Programs, we can reach these prospects for your dealership. Customers are “triggered” when their credit is pulled at a dealership in your market area. We know that these prospects are actively shopping for a vehicle, and we can target those customers for you. It’s like having a spy in your competitor’s dealership.

AccuCredit™ Mail Programs

Credit mail gets a bad reputation. Some may think of it as junk mail, but it is a viable advertising medium when used correctly. While many consumers get a lot of mail, smart mailings can still profoundly impact the bottom line. Many industries can benefit from such mail, but auto dealerships should be very aware of the potential benefits. After all, no one can sell a car to customers who do not come to the lot. Therefore, to attract the best range of customers to the dealership,

Man gets approval after filing bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Programs

We have examined the subprime market from every angle and analyzed all the factors and timelines that typically lead to post-BK borrowers seeking auto financing. We have not only concluded the best timing for a direct mail piece but also created the ideal piece of mail that will get action. If you are ready to get serious about acting on this lucrative bankruptcy marketing plan, get in touch with us today.

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We have the skills

40 years ago , we started helping customers that had difficulty obtaining financing from local banks and credit unions. Our approach is simple. Pair the right customer with the right dealer that has the experience and relationships with the right banks.
If that's you lets get together and make some magic.

Stop Overpaying For a Complete Program. All you have to do is SELL CARS !







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Our Mission

We have always had a simple mission. Take what we know and turn it into auto sales.

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Our History

Our advantage: We have been there and done that.

We see the auto business from a hands-on level. This way, we not only produce the best subprime and prime mailers but understand what it takes to get the cars sold. Isn't that the thing that matters most to your dealership.

It does for Car Market Solutions.

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Our People

Our background is simple:

Thirty-five years ago, we started as salespeople at car dealerships. Then we advanced to finance managers, closers, desk managers, BDC managers, new car managers, used car managers, used car buyers, general sales managers, then general managers. Franchised, Independent, and Buy Here Pay Here.

From there, we moved to auto finance buyers, collectors, field reps, and eventually, owners of finance companies.

Then we evolved into sales reps, product development, and presidents of companies such as BarNone, Promax, Credit Mail Experts, and now Car Market Solutions. It all has to do with experience and the passion for what we do,

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Our Latest Articles

Read more about our latest news posts and be informed. We understand the success secrets of the world's most successful auto dealers.

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