Attract More Qualified Sub-Prime Buyers with Effective Direct Mail Marketing

Attracting the right sub-prime consumers can make a world of difference in running a car dealership. Given today’s lackluster economy and job market, that is truer now than ever. Without reaching out to and getting responses from people with less-than-perfect credit, the odds of getting ahead are slim to none. Of the many ways to generate viable leads and prospects, direct mail marketing is among the most effective.

Zero in on Viable Sub-Prime Prospects

To be effective, direct mail marketing must be geared toward a specific demographic. Therefore, the first step in the process is identifying local consumers who have sub-prime credit. This can be achieved by effectively using demographic information, which is readily available from various sources. You can always pull the data yourself, but it is more natural and practical to include it in whatever direct mail marketing service you choose. With the correct list of prospects in place, your direct mail marketing efforts will be off to a great start.

Get Inside Your Target Buyer’s Head

When creating a piece of direct mail for marketing purposes, you need to get inside your ideal customer’s head. This is much easier said than done. What kinds of things will prompt a subprime buyer to open a piece of mail? Odds are you have little or no idea. Why should you? You run an auto dealership; you are not a marketing guru. By investing in effective direct mail marketing services, you can leave this crucial step to the professionals. They know that certain things increase response rates significantly. For instance, allowing an embossed plastic card to peek out of the window of an envelope brings to mind credit cards, which many sub-prime consumers do not qualify for. The idea that they might be approved for a line of credit to buy a new car is often enough to get them to do the most important thing of all: open the letter and read it.

Drum Up New Business with First-Rate Mail Marketing Why stuff envelopes full of letters and marketing pieces that are written in a hit-or-miss fashion? By opting for professional mail marketing services, you are far more likely to enjoy a considerable return on your investment. Indeed, professionally created pieces result in two to 10 times as many responses. Imagine what that could mean for your business! To get ahead, sign up for these services as soon as possible.

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