According to Money Magazine , nearly 20% of the country have subprime credit, as defined by the credit bureaus. For many, it hasn’t been so bad that they’ve filed for bankruptcy, but knowing they have less-than-perfect credit, they aren’t out shopping for a vehicle. To bring that customer into your dealership, you must contact them directly. Our ACCUCREDIT™ Mailers is the perfect program to get those consumers to your dealership. Targeting the right consumers at the right time is innovative marketing, and that’s how we generate the sky-high results you will see week after week.


We make the mail compliant by following both the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by having a legimate financial backer for each credit based mailer we send. We also are exempt as a direct mail company based on the FTC rule below:

Calls Made in Response to Direct Mail Advertising (FTC Rule)

Direct mail advertising includes, but is not limited to, postcards, flyers, door hangers, brochures, “certificates,” letters, email, faxes, or similar methods of delivery sent to an identified person or family urging them to call a specified phone number about an offer of some sort. For purposes of the TSR, “direct mail” is not limited to messages sent by conventional mail delivery or private couriers. The exemption for calls responding to direct mail advertising is available both to telemarketers soliciting sales of goods or services and to telefunders soliciting charitable contributions.