Benefits of a Targeted Mailing

Businesses need to communicate with potential customers. Saturation and targeted mailings are both effective means of direct marketing. These advertisements save money versus the cost of traditional first-class mail. Saturation mailings are delivered to every household in a particular geographic area, including those that may not need your specific product or service. On the other hand, a targeted mailing is designed to reach only those households within a particular demographic, such as age, credit, and income. This is particularly important for luxury, pre-owned vehicles, and Buy Here Pay Here auto dealers who service a relatively small subset of the overall car-buying public.

Instead of sending generic sales pitches to the public, auto dealers can use targeted mailings to present their message to people in the market for an automobile. The letter should include information about how the features and benefits of its products or services are valuable to them. Targeting specific segments of particular demographic leads to a higher level of engagement and response rate as you inform the audience about an option that they may not have otherwise considered. The targeted mailing should also be in a form that prompts potential customers to open the letter, text message, or email. This approach will lead to higher sales as these potential customers see how the benefits of your particular product or service are superior to their other options.

This direct marketing approach requires businesses to identify and focus on their customer’s needs. A targeted mailing also requires staying abreast of the current state of the market. This is especially critical if interest rates and lending criteria impact the potential customer base. An example is how automobile financing options can vary for sub-prime borrowers based on changing economic conditions. The work involved in developing targeted mailings may not be readily available in-house. Businesses must also keep current on the latest direct mail techniques for getting people to read the message as their tastes and circumstances change. An experienced direct marketing company has the tools and experience to help determine the market that will be the most receptive to your product or service. Using a professional direct marketing company will help generate more leads that can be turned into sales at your automobile dealership.

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