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Man gets approval after filing bankruptcy

Complete Bankruptcy Program

We have examined the subprime market from every angle and analyzed all the factors and timelines that typically lead to post-BK borrowers seeking auto financing. We have not only concluded the best timing for a direct mail piece but also created the ideal piece of mail that will get action. If you are ready to get serious about acting on this lucrative bankruptcy marketing plan, get in touch with us today.

Prequalified Trigger™ Programs

No matter where your auto dealership may be located, there are sure to be countless people in the local area who want to buy cars but can't due to poor credit. Instead of writing them off, you should consider targeting them through a professionally executed trigger mail campaign. Like any dealership owner, you probably have plenty of financing options for sub-prime buyers. The problem is finding them and appealing to them, and that is where a well-designed trigger mail campaign comes into play.

Prequalified Credit™ Programs

Credit mail gets a bad reputation. Some may think of it as junk mail, but it is a viable advertising medium when used correctly. While many consumers get a lot of mail, smart mailings can still profoundly impact the bottom line. Many industries can benefit from such mail, but auto dealerships should be very aware of the potential benefits. After all, no one can sell a car to customers who do not come to the lot. Therefore, to attract the best range of customers to the dealership,